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Country Pub, Brewery and Distillery tours

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Mudgee aboard our vintage 1984 Troop Carrier! Our meticulously crafted tours promise to infuse your life with ease and joy, ensuring every moment is blissfully stress-free. Whether you're yearning for the warmth of a country pub tour or the artistry of brewery exploration, we have an abundance of options to fulfill your desires. Whether you're captivated by the cozy ambiance of Cooyal, the storied charm of Gulgong, the quaint allure of Kandos, or the rustic beauty of Rylstone, or if you prefer to delve into the treasures of the seven local pubs nestled in our cherished town, rest assured, your day will be adorned with unforgettable memories.

Our brewery and distillery tours are not just experiences; they're journeys filled with excitement and discovery. Partnering with a variety of breweries and the esteemed Baker Williams Distillery in the scenic Mudgee region, these tours are meticulously crafted to ignite your sense of adventure and satisfy your thirst for new experiences!

If you and your significant other find yourselves torn between which packages to choose, don't worry! Dive into our "compromise" package and discover a world of delights crafted just for you. Carefully curated to satisfy both wine enthusiasts and beer aficionados, it's bound to create unforgettable memories for all involved.

Whether you're brimming with ideas for your adventure or feeling a bit unsure, just send us an email with your details and desires. We'll pour our passion into crafting the perfect outing, tailored to your group's unique interests!


Please be advised that the cost of alcohol and lunch is not included in the tour price and is the responsibility of each individual participant.

Local events and private transfers

Dreaming of adding a vintage flair to your upcoming event? Longing for reliable transport to accommodate your group in style? Look no further than Mudgee Ale Trail's 1984 11-seat Troop Carrier. Contact us today to discuss your local event transportation needs. With rates starting from only $10 per person, let us make your occasions truly memorable.


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