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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

Do you require a minimum number of people for a booking?

Yes. Given that we are a private tour company, we do have specific requirements. For any tour booking, we require a minimum of 6 people for it to proceed. Similarly, for transfer bookings, we ask for a minimum of 4 people. These requirements ensure that we can deliver the best possible experience for our guests.

Is there a maximum number of people you will accept for a tour?

Our Troop Carrier can accommodate up to 10 people, but for maximum comfort, we suggest limiting the group to 9 individuals at a time. For longer distances, we recommend a maximum of 8 people to ensure everyone's comfort. However, for larger groups, we're flexible and can arrange multiple trips to accommodate everyone. The feasibility of this arrangement depends on the destinations and places of interest chosen for your tour.

Do you also go to the local wineries in Mudgee?

While our focus primarily revolves around breweries, distilleries, and local pubs, we're more than happy to accommodate requests for visits to wineries as well. If you or anyone in your group wishes to explore wineries during the tour, simply inform us when you reach out to us, and we'll ensure it's included in your itinerary. Your preferences shape your tour experience, and we're here to make it happen.

We are visiting Mudgee and the ladies want to do the wine tours and the boys want to try the local brews, do we have to organise two separate tours?

Worry not, fellow thirsty traveller! In our town, most wineries are now stocking the local ale, offering the best of both worlds. We've got you covered and can arrange a tour that includes both wine options and brews for your crew. Whether you're craving the sophistication of wine or the refreshing taste of ale, we'll tailor the tour to your preferences for a truly memorable experience.

Are these tours only for the boys?

Absolutely not! We welcome plenty of women on our tours, and they have just as much, if not more, fun than the boys. Everyone is guaranteed to have a fantastic time, regardless of gender.

We are visiting Mudgee with our family, can we bring our kids on the tours?

Regrettably, due to car seat regulations, we are unable to accommodate children in car seats in our Troop Carrier. However, children over the age of 12 are welcome on the tour but will be charged the full adult rate. If you require local recommended babysitters, we can provide you with a list of names to contact for your convenience.

Do you provide services other than tours? 

Absolutely! If you're in need of event or private transport, just reach out to us, and we'll be more than happy to organize a quote tailored to your needs.

Can we bring an Esky for our drinks?

We understand the importance of enjoying a cold beer, so for tours of 6 people, we provide an esky and ice to keep your drinks chilled throughout the tour. For everyone's comfort, this service is provided for tours with 6 people. When there is 7+ people in the Troopy, the Esky does not fit unfortunately. (Please note that individuals will need to purchase their own drinks.)

When will my booking be confirmed?

A booking will be finalized upon receipt of payment.

Do you take credit card?

We offer the convenience of direct deposit, as well as the option to pay with credit or debit cards.

What happens if someone is ill?

We understand that illness can strike at inconvenient times. If you or a tour companion is feeling unwell, we highly recommend staying home. Both our business and the establishments we visit appreciate when individuals prioritize their health and well-being. We recognize that you were likely excited about this trip, but we kindly ask that you get in touch with us to discuss alternative options. Your safety and the well-being of everyone involved are our top priorities.

Do we allow dogs in our troopy?

Similar to many wineries, we do accommodate some dogs in our Troop Carrier. If you're considering bringing your beloved fur child on tour with you, please feel free to inquire. However, please note that terms and conditions will apply not only for us, but also for licenced establishments visited. 

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